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Food, Land & People

FLP Professional Developement Workshops

Summer Food, Land & People Courses -- Coming to a location near you in 2018!

Food, Land & People summer workshops include tours, guest speakers and active participation, which makes them all add up to a fast paced, interesting and educational two days! The Institutes are new each summer and plans are being made to include an evening banquet in the field opportunity! See why your peers summarize their experience with FLP as outstanding. Take a deeper dive into the world of FLP

“Growing with STEAM” NEW Course, NEW Credit

Jamestown June 5-6 (See highlights from the event on Facebook

Fargo Aug 2-3

Introduction to FLP Our traditional favorite!

Fargo June 20-21

2018 Institutes “Growing the Mindset” NEW Credit!

Mandan July 19-20

Fargo July 30-31

Thompson Aug 7-8


Growing with STEAM!

This course will allow teachers to work together to experience real world application of STEM and to explore opportunities for art to naturally fit in as an applied subject for STEAM. The course will provide an overview of strategies, materials, curriculum development, and research related to assisting the Pre-K- 12th grade educators to better understand the interdependence of agriculture, the environment, and human needs through lessons in multiple curriculum areas: language arts, science, health, art, consumer education, mathematics, social studies, geography, and more. Many creative lessons shared that help develop understanding, thinking skills, creativity, and improve communication skills with students.

Introduction to Food, Land & People

The course is designed to provide meaningful activities, instructional strategies, materials, and research to enhance the teaching skills of Pre-K- 12th grade educators in subjects related to food, land and people. The resource information and education materials which are shared are supplementary and across the curriculum in PreK-12. There is something for everyone and the educational outreach includes local tours and speakers. Download the FLP I Syllabus

2018 FLP Institutes “Growing the Mindset”

The Food, Land & People Program has been doing a series of classes focusing on STEM and STEAM lessons that have been well received by teachers across North Dakota. The 2018 Institute is designed for any traditional or nontraditional educator at any grade level or community education endeavor. In this two-day, 1 credit Institute, we will discuss and understand the fixed and growth mindsets and introduce educators to resources that develop a set of thinking, reasoning, teamwork, creative and investigative skills that students can use in all areas of their life. “Growing the Mindset” will foster the importance of viewing failure as a learning opportunity to find solutions to real-world problems. As a past public school educator and a teacher certified in three areas of special education, facilitator Ginger Deitz has always believed that intellectual skills can be cultivated with effort. STEM and STEAM classes provide opportunities for multiple right answers and approaches. Failure can be viewed as an opportunity to discover what went wrong and try again. With perseverance and resilience, and in a setting that we can dare to be risk takers, we can all grow a positive mindset!. Download the FLP Institute Syllabus  


Professional Development Workshops

Are you looking for engaging, fast-paced educator workshops that will provide you with new ideas and hands-on, applicable lessons to supplement your curriculum?

Food, Land and People educator workshops and online courses will exceed your expectations!

* Supplementary Curriculum for PreK-12

* Professional Development Credit NDSU

* Strategies

      - Critical thinking
      - Problem solving skills
      - Inquiry and cooperative attitudes

Workshops include the FLP lesson, resources, engaging activities, field trips and more! Many different classes have been developed for credit.

Check out all the related syllabi HERE. Or contact Jill Vigesaa, coordinator at or 701-799-5488.

Committed to Education of our Future Generations

Where does food come from? The grocery store or the local deli? In our highly urbanized society today, the vast majority of our students have limited contact with agriculture and are alarmingly ignorant about the source of their most basic food. In fact, the average person is now over four generations removed from a farm. That means our young people no longer go to Grandpa and Grandma's farm to visit the animals and ride the tractor.... the vast majority do not have relatives on the farm at all!

Project Food, Land & People is a non-profit organization made up of volunteers from across United States, who are dedicated to teaching the next generation about agriculture. For the past 25 years FLP has been offering exciting, standards-based curriculum to classrooms across the country, educating students of all backgrounds in rural, suburban, and urban school settings. FLP produces lessons written by educators for educators, of the highest quality that are piloted in classrooms to measure and strengthen their impact.

Project FLP in North Dakota is supported by the ND Farm Bureau and the ND Department of Agriculture/Ag in the Classroom Program. Credit workshops for educators are held both online and face-to-face.

ü Classes provide 1- Professional Development credit from NDSU.

ü Cost for each class is a $50 registration and $50 for NDSU Credit Fee

ü Many scholarship opportunities are available to cover registration costs!


participates at a summer FLP workshop

What do your fellow teachers say following an FLP workshop experience?

"All of the workshops are amazing! There is never a dull moment and you can easily integrate the lessons into your classroom." - Jenna F. of West Fargo

"These resources are valuable to any teacher looking to add zest to their teaching. AGinger presents at a summer FLP workshops teachers we are looking for enrichment opportunities to incorporate into our standards based curriculum, and I was fortunate to find it right under my fingertips with FLP - this course was worth every penny!!" Julia P. of Fargo

"If you haven't taken a FLP course yet, you NEED to!!" Kathy T. of Minot

"These classes are so fun, hands-on and we received so many resources!" Darla T. of Bismarck

Other valuable Web resources:

See Sample Lesson at

ND Ag in the Classroom Web site


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