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Discovering Farmland - Agriculture Curriculum for Grades 9-12

In January 2017, the U.S. Farmers & Ranchers Alliance launched their Digital Exploration and Interactive Lesson Plans as part of their Discovering Farmland curriculum, which is based on the award-winning documentary, “Farmland, a film by James Moll.” Building off the four free lesson plans, these new activities further inspire students in urban areas to gain real world insights and understanding of where their food comes from and how it is grown and raised.

• The Digital Exploration allows students to investigate food product label claims by choosing a specific product from virtual grocery store shelves featuring produce, meat and cereal. Typically taking 15-20 minutes, students can move at their own pace as they learn about various topics.

• The Interactive Lesson Plans are PowerPoint-based lessons that support interactive whiteboards and other 21st century learning tools. Teachers can access a range of dynamic, interactive classroom lessons (up to two 45-minute class periods each) designed to engage high school students in exploring critical issues impacting the agriculture industry. It includes two science and two social studies lesson plans.

• The SMART Farm Virtual Field Trip explores innovative technologies in agriculture that allow today’s farmers and ranchers to produce our nation’s food. Prepare your students for the Virtual Field Trip with our standards-aligned activities designed to cultivate classroom conversations and prompt students to dig deeper into today’s world of farming and ranching.

To access additional Discovering Farmland resources, visit For questions about Discovering Farmland, contact Paul Spooner at

Download teacher lessons

Gardening in a Glove
A fun way to teach students how plants grow.

Supplement to Breads Around the World
PowerPoint presentation

Supplement to Trading Favorites
PowerPoint presentation

Agriculture Ziplocs®
PDF of fun ag projects using Ziploc® bags.

Literacy the Ag Way
PDF (Compliments of Cheryl Bombenger, educator, Fargo, N.D.)

Wow What A Dairy Cow Jeopardy
PowerPoint (Compliments of Cheryl Bombenger, educator, Fargo, N.D.)

Cheeseburger Jeopardy
PowerPoint (Compliments of Cheryl Bombenger, educator, Fargo, N.D.)

Are you Smarter than a 5th-grade Farm Kid?
PowerPoint  (Compliments of Cheryl Bombenger, educator, Fargo, N.D.)

Nursery Rhyme Ag Songs
PowerPoint (Compliments of Cheryl Bombenger, educator, Fargo, N.D.)

The Very Hungry N.D. Caterpillar book and lesson
Book, in PDF
Book, in Publisher
Book with graphics, in PDF
Book with graphics, in Publisher

Birch Bark Journal painted with soil
Word Document (Compliments of Jill Vigesaa & Ginger Deitz, facilitators of FLP educator workshops)

Harvest in the U.S. breadbasket
PDF (Compliments of Cheryl Bombenger, educator, Fargo, N.D.,

Little Red Hen PowerPoint
Power Point 2007 (Windows 7 version of Power Point document Compliments of Cheryl Bombenger, educator, Fargo, N.D.,

Potato Power
PDF (Compliments of Cheryl Bombenger, educator, Fargo, N.D.,

Cows to Cheeseburgers

Special Assignment Pizza

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